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Finishing spalted maple bowl

Don Evans
I just finished turning a spalted maple bowl and am ready to begin the finish on it.
I've read some where about using dewaxed shellac as a filler and then following that with something like Watco.
Having never done that type finish I'm wondering if I miss read, sooo I'm asking if anyone has done this finish and knows that it works well?
I also purchased Bullseye shellac at Lowe's but it doesn't say that it is DEWAXED. I remember some years ago getting Zinser that did indicate dewaxed and that came from Lowes also. I'll test it first of course but anyone know if all Bullseye is dewax or what?
The other thing I am considering is finishing with the shellac and then putting polyurethane satin over it instead of Watco. Suggestions?

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