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Re: No, Sellers’ profile is not the same.

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
John, my apology if my reply appeared heavy. It was not aimed specifically at you. I read a few forums and, when the unicorn is mentioned, someone jumps in to say it is the same as Seller’s. If left there, newcomers are at risk in getting the wrong introduction.

I agree that there is a resemblance. I hesitate to agree that it is a “cousin”, other than both methods are about sharpening the bevel. One aims at creating a wire from two joining edges (regardless of the shape), and the other aims at modifying the joined edge.

There is another response that comes up, usually from carvers. They will say that hard leather buffing wheels have been around for a long time. Then it needs to be clarified that the unicorn is not about buffing the bevel to create a sharp edge, per se. It is about strengthening the edge, and that this is better done with a soft wheel.

Okay, cousins, but two or three degrees removed. :)

Regards from Perth


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