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I'd say cousins is accurate...

David Weaver
..we had a discussion in the background, bill notwithstanding since he doesn't watch videos, etc and likes to get his info from the headley shop.

The first thing people will say when they see a rounded edge is SELLERS!!

The first thing I'll think of from the UK board is JACOB! (they use the same method, but I've gotten more repetitions from jacob).

In theory, if you lowered the bevel with sellers' method, flattened out the coarse stone work to a 20 degree nearly flat bevel and the secondary just above that to raise a wire edge and then only stropped the tip, they'd be the same. Except for the amount of work and the very steep rounding that the buffer does at the edge and corners - corners chipping off on hard chisels, and bending on softer ones being another typical failure problem - esp. on parers.

parers always seem to be fine if the corner is just a bit shiny gone, but almost too hard to see, and not big enough to be blunt).

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