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video if you can use less bandwidth
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David Weaver
I don't have a way to measure bandwidth, but this video can be loaded and then viewed at 144p and should not take much bandwidth.

The trouble with this video is that paul uses a new chisel and it takes little time to work the bevel (of course).

What I see coming up short when I come across rounded tools (including japanese rounded tools) occurs after this has been done a dozen times.

Which is why our article says to refresh a secondary that's small and then grind a primary when the secondary takes more than a very short time to completely refresh.

Charlesworth's discussion of the parts of a three bevel system (that he likes to use) actually discusses these things similarly. hone a secondary, regrind when honing the secondary becomes a lot of work, and then a third bevel at a few degrees more is placed on the edge.

Every "named" system has some parts of someone else's method.

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