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No, Sellers’ profile is not the same.

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
This comes up frequently. Many confuse Paul Seller’s rounded bevel with the Unicorn profile. They are not the same - quite different, in fact.

PS concentrates on honing the face and bevel using a sweeping motion that leads to a rounded bevel face. This is not rounding the bevel. In fact, it has more in common with honing a flat face. He aims for a bevel angle around 30 degrees. The Unicorn angle is around 45 degrees.

The Unicorn profile is all about the edge of the bevel, when a nano secondary bevel is created. See this photo by Winston ...

Could PS create a Unicorn profile at the end of his rounded bevel? I do not see why not. However, he has never spoken about this as far as I am aware.

Regards from Perth


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