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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I was facing having to make 5 ash drawers when David described Unicorning with a buffing wheel. I did not have a buffing wheel, but I knew I had to make a convex profile on the chisel tip to get the benefit.

I sharpened a Narex chisel 30 degrees- hollow grind, fine Ez-lap diamond plate, 1 micron diamond on cast iron. This is my usual procedure. But at the end of the final honing I rocked the chisel up on the plate, with a pull stroke, about 5-10 degrees, a total of about 5 pull strokes. Then I did the same with 5 pull strokes on a leather strop charged with green stuff.

instead of the edge damage I expected during making 5 drawers I saw no damage . You can do the same as I did. On your last sharpening step just pull and rock the chisel up on the stone. You want to make a convex profile. Just imagine what kind of rocking on the stone will make a convex profile.

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