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David Weaver
do your normal honing, but only around 25 degrees. no need to use a polish stone on the bevel side, just through the medium stone.

Do about 20 heavy handed pulls through your loaded strop at about 40 degrees. See if the wire edge is gone (if it's not, keep going).

Between my results and winstons, it looks like a longer more gradual bevel works, or a shorter steeper one as winston has works OK, and maybe that's a better idea for a strop since it's physically easier.

I found somewhere around 50-100 strokes with pressure were needed to make an edge cosmetically similar to what the buffer gave me, but you're not necessarily looking for that.

A more practical solution (to me) is what I've been doing for a long time, which is to roll the edge up steep and make the roll with a finish stone. Just don't lean too hard on the chisel or you'll deflect the edge. I never stropped after that with compound, but stoning a tiny visible flat on an edge and then just stropping lightly is probably more sensible than stropping the whizz out of a blade and tiring your hands.

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