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The trouble with 304 stainless
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David Weaver
is that it needs to be compared to mild steel. The sliding friction of hard steel vs. soft steel is well established. Static friction is equal, but sliding friction of hard steel is less.

Top page 2-44.

But steel on wood, I don't know.

What we need to actually know is less about a low carbon stainless vs. mild stainless, and exactly what I am perceiving -V11 vs. O1 at similar hardness.

These are things I'm supposing, though, not things I'm looking to prove. The difference between the way V11 and the others behave is stark. You could almost linearly compare the feel of sorby/mk2/japanese

This is not that important of a thing except to explain why the japanese 32 degree test resulted in less effort than sorby at unicorn.

The article will have a fairly compact statement about what the strikes represent and how to interpret them, though. I just posted the table and let you guys fish.

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