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practical chiseling *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Replicate of dovetail from ash desk drawer. 14 whacks to make it. First 4 were dainty to establish shoulder at base line. Remaining 10 were progressively harder as the baseline provided more support. 1/2" total depth, one half that of your experiment if I understand it correctly.

If I saw up front that it took 100 whacks to remove a total of 1" length of dovetail waste I would dismiss anything that followed as too far removed from practice to be relevant.

As an aside to the on-lookers, over sawing half blinds is common in "production" Period Furniture. I never did it before this trial. Wow, is it fast. This dovetail took a fraction of a minute and done. I am astonished, but I suppose I should not be.

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