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I don't understand the experiment

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Winston did a similar experiment and preceded the edge pictures with the chisel chopping conditions captured with a picture. A good idea I think.

Is it correct that your definition of Unicorning involves a primary 20 degree bevel, a ?? secondary bevel and a buffed tertiary bevel? The others are flat 32 for example?

You report 3 measurements 13/16 (thickness of maple board?), 1 3/8" length of the chop, board on edge?, and in the results 1" cross section (width x height I presume?) .

Surely it did not take 100 whacks to drive a chisel 1 3/8" length one time? If it did this whacking is far more dainty than I employ and many will conclude the whacking was designed to go easy on the edge not test its robustness.

What is the objective of recording # of whacks? I don't see what conclusions can be drawn with bevel angle, progressive dulling, and nature of dulling as it effects penetration convoluted in the experiment.

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