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Good vs. ideal
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Therein lies the problem ()

My first attempts may not have given ideal results, but they were very good, much better than a normal flat-honed chisel. Since then, I think I've gotten better at doing it and gotten even better results.

For some context, I'm in the middle of testing a very expensive PM-V11 chisel, and have made three chopping cuts with it so far. It is no longer able to shave hair. The Buck Bros chisel, which costs less than 10 dollars, made 20 chopping cuts, and is still capable of shaving hair. With that particular chisel, I think that buffing has allowed it to maintain a shaving-sharp edge at least 10 times longer than normal!

I know, this all sounds impossible. But I'd suggest that anyone who's curious should spend $10 on this buffing kit, and see what it does for them. This is what I got:

It's possible that some other equipment works even better, but that kit has worked pretty darn well for me.

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