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Bruce Mack
Bill - I wipe the oil and swarf residue of the 2000 grit honing from the blade with a paper towel. However, I use the same towel, folded, to wipe the excess from the 14,000 grit step to allow me to see and feel the edge. After a while with the back and forth I get sloppy and I know a small amount of 2000 paste must transfer to the 14,000 plate from my ungloved fingers and from towel re-use. This does not seem to affect the edge which takes a mirror shine off the CrO2 strop with no visible deeper scratches and cuts very well. When the plates need recharging I use a towel sprayed with WD-40 to clean first the 14,000 and then the 2000 plate.
Previously when I used a rolling guide and Shapton waterstones I was fastidious, washing the rollers between steps and driving myself nuts. Now freehand on a hollow ground bevel I sharpen way faster and better.

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