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David Weaver
I have not used this particular stone, but I have used diamonds of the same size on a substrate (i think it's 3 micron - I have 2.5 loose).

I don't think you'll want to drop your regimen of green stropping afterwards as even broken in, the edge can be a tad coarse (lack of bright finish, etc - it's certainly usable in a way that a 1200 grit unstropped edge isn't), but I also think you're going to get a better and more uniform finish with your green stuff after this than you will manage to get after the 1200 grit plate.

Plus, it'll get you on the doorstep of carving tool ready or any other such things.

The more uniform the finish, the better the edge is going to wear and the longer it will last. Steve elliot tested that and then I did last year embedded in v11 testing. the spectrum of edge life planing was something like 1 micron diamonds being my fine standard for the test, 5 lasted about 66% of the footage (never nearly as nice to use), aggressive 2.5 was slightly better, and 1 micron was the standard, so 50% longer than 5 micron diamonds (that's even bare stropped).

In order to really get something like a 1200 grit diamond edge uniform off of green stuff, you almost have to round it over.

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