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it will, but it hones fast..
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leather? ()

David Weaver
my very first experiment with this stuff was a layered wheel in a lathe with the green stuff. It hones fast, but touch could be developed quickly with it. I've noticed in the past when someone uses those wheels, they get lazy and chase a fat part of the front edge up. If the self-enforced rule is to hone all evidence off at 25 degrees each time, it would stop that behavior and keep the edge behind the front roll thinner.

There are some reasons that I didn't like the leather that I can't remember - perhaps it raised the wire edge, heat, dirty and contaminated easily or glazed? I remember throwing away the accessory kit that went in the lathe chuck and included a leather wheel.

On the buff, you can just push the tool into it and not much happens, and then if there's any wire edge, the corner is soft and it just removes it (plus you can buff other things with it).

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