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David Weaver
spiral sewn cotton buff, 6 inches (size doesn't matter, just mentioning to go with the number of stitches) with 8 stitches. Looks sort of like this.


I'm sure I got mine for about 6 bucks or something at home depot. Important part is stitching, more than just a little bit, but some fuzzy soft part left outside of the last stitch (there needs to be some give so that the honing compound doesn't build up at the edge of the wheel and so that the wheel doesn't just hone things quickly).

The compound is jackson lea yellow 5 micron al-ox. It's not something special, it's cheap, and I was waiting for a way that it would become useful as it wasn't good on MDF. It's $10 a *kilo*.

The deburring wheel (used here to remove file marks, but way too aggressive for chisels, etc) is a gray scotch brite brand wheel.

The buffer is the cheap 6" harbor freight buffer. Sometimes it's nice to have something you can beat on to experiment without worrying. high speed (about 3600 rpm). It's really a punchless little buffer for anything bigger than small items, but I've never been able to bust it.

I've used lots of different buffs before - hard leather, felt, etc, and they're too aggresive -they hone and create geometry problems. Running into all of this is by chance and all of the bits and bobs aren't being used for what bought them for (as in, freebie experiment and not putting good money toward something potentially worthless). I use the deburring wheel for toolmaking and cleaning old tools, as well as basket case razors, and the buff for cleaning up razors (or used to when I was doing that) and general buffing of anything with light scratches. It's nice for that.

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