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David Weaver
that's exactly what I'm doing. Surprised when measuring the primary that it was that shallow, but it facilitates it and I guess you just do it automatically.

I'm sure the very terminal edge of the rounding is steeper than 35, but it's tiny (and I'm sure most of it is less than that and closer to the 25). I'm sure it could be duplicated on linde B and leather, but I have no idea what the equivalent is and leather can get contaminants easier.

I don't really understand how the buff never seems to get dirty. Mine literally sits below the grinder (which understandably has less mess than in the past as the wheel is cbn - it's just metal filings flying around), and I've never done anything to clean anything out of the buffing wheel. I guess everything just flies out of it.

Wiley may have triggered this as I couldn't get a good edge on the SGPS knife he suggested with anything but deburring wheel (not used here...too harsh) and the buff. And then I realized that I could use the buff and deburr to do most of the sharpening on an incannel gouge (Which goes through stuff like snot when sharpened like this and is handy for all kinds of fitting stuff and trimming where a chisel can spelch or require too much force)

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