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David Weaver
It's the same chisel that you, wiley and I talked about. It's primary ground just under 20, with a 25 degree and then the edge is buffed, so it's rounded over.

I suspect that the tiny rounding is better than a 35 degree flat facet, but have no proof.

The sharpness is otherworldly - from the buff pictures that are in the short thread, I can't match it by hand in any reasonable period of time.

Refreshing the edge is about 15 seconds on a diamond hone and 15 seconds on the buff (5 seconds of actual buff time and then some back and forth on the soft corners of the buff to remove any scuzz that hangs on at the edge).

The diamond hone removes the buff's work each cycle so there is no compounding error. The one thing I always hated about power sharpening stuff is that it's either not that great or for a polish at an edge, you traded a bunch of geometric problems (or it was gadgety). This has none of those issues and it's cheap.

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