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David Weaver
Indeed, I made one similar to that (a little smaller, but same idea) when I made my kitchen cabinets.

The uber lazy (like me) can be enticed into trying to cut both corners exactly to size on the first go, but in my experience, that can result in loss of door height if the first guess is a bit of an overcut.

There's probably a whole world of competence and speed and sense that I could get with this joint if I did 25 doors, but (hopefully) I won't have that chance. Just hoping to do it only once each door this go around.

Sharpening method with the shallow angle and the buffed edge is the bees knees for this work. Cherry works like mahogany - for the first time, I've pared the shoulders of these rails to the mark (quickly) rather than laying them on the bench and chopping.

I saw a video online of an instructor (someone legitimate, can't remember his name) showing a very shallow chisel used only for shoulder cleaning, but I never liked the edge damage those take in anything less than ideal wood like pine and mahogany, and the corner always erodes on a tool like that.

I did all of the work so far with a sorby chisel, of all things.

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