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David Weaver
..is my sentiment for tools, and when I do make furniture once in a while, I want to find the people who think about furniture like I think about tools.

I'm sure that some of the current guys can make ends meet by using screws and they maybe can't market "fine furniture" without doing that, but I don't think anyone will be swooning over it in 200 years.

Is it necessary? Of course not, but it's desirable. My dad made a whole bunch of functional furniture for us with pine board and nails and brown stain. I did it carefully, but I don't remember anything other than a jigsaw, sandpaper, glue, nails, sanding and a circular saw. It's all still together and nothing is sagging. But I live in a small house and don't want to fill it with that stuff.

It's interesting, since I knew nothing about doors at Aristokraft when I worked there, that so many of their solid wood doors have changed very little in profile over many 200 years old. There are more cope and stick joints (I have no idea what they make these days, that was more than 20 years ago) than M&T, but the style looks a lot the same. It's enduring.

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