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David Weaver
Good point about the cove at the base, and probably as well with the interrupted cyma recta. There's nothing conventional about any of it - the chance that it turns out ugly is there, but it won't be a situation where the rest of the thing looks historically correct and one element doesn't.

I simply don't know enough about furniture and haven't been thrilled to look at furniture (aside from the spectacular mellon family duds they have on display here at the carnegie museum of history - it's hard not to be inspired by that stuff, but they don't let you try to work the bits and bobs on the roentgen desk or fiddle with some of the philadelphia and boston furniture - the quality of the carvings on even well known styles there is otherworldly - I've never seen anything like it in person. The shells, etc, are absolutely perfect, crisp and sharp, as if they'd been made 10 minutes ago by an alien).

Anyway. I could write a book - like some other people seem to do - make a piece of furniture, write a book about it. It would be called "everything I know about furniture, I learned on the assembly line at Aristokraft".

Separate and aside, the outside of the doors will be plain, so I'm hoping the small plain interior bead will be OK.

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