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small bead

David Weaver
I'll try a couple of mock ups - my planes are slipped. I'll have to look closer at them, but I believe the slips will allow me to sink the bead further if desired (Than just at the surface).

This isn't a door, just testing the plane coming and going on the same board edge. This board is about 1 1/4" thick for scale of the bead. If it looks bad, I can go bigger and sink it closer to the door.

I'm looking for something kind of plain looking but a little bit different - but my senses about it could be off the mark. I've got roundover bits for guitars and could just use one for the coped look - but I like the mitered corners. They will probably open up at some point in the future, but hopefully i'll be too old by then to notice. If they do, this is a putty grade cabinet. I'll fill them.

I have a couple of small things to do other than the doors. It's clear that the bottom of the top case should have a thin moulding of some sort applied around, but I'm going to wait until the doors are on so that I can just just what it should be and how far out it should come.

Lobbying the mrs now to not stain this thing dark but rather french polish it with button lac.

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