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David Weaver
warren clarified it. I didn't actually know what you meant by "I don't understand the bead" comment.

But, I see now. I'm naming the effect based on the plane that cuts it (a side bead).

Every style of flat and glass door that I ever saw working in a cabinet factory was coped. That's not true across the board, I'm sure, but the doors that were made at our factory were cope style unless they had a raised panel - some of those were mitered frame. Of course they were just fast mass-produced stuff (but solid wood), but they didn't stray much on the traditional arch and flat styles back then.

In 3 summers that I worked in a cabinet factory, I have to admit that I never thought I'd do any woodworking, so I didn't look at anything that closely. I was just there because they paid almost twice as much as working in a restaurant.

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