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Re: I started on charlesworth....

David Weaver
Hi, Warren - perhaps you're right -there's obviously a little bit of back story. Long ago, David Charlesworth showed up on woodnet. I was thrilled. Charlie single-handedly heckled him and he said something like "that's enough of that" (David did) and David left as fast as he came. At the time, Charlie asserted that David didn't make anything, I retaliated by calling him out and got a temporary time out.

Charlie has constantly harassed people to show their work in an attempt to get leverage in a discussion, but rarely shows his own. The vagueness of position is intentional, and seeing "David knows how to make furniture" here touches a nerve. I was merely using his own line on him - I'm more or less an advocate of not posting your own work on here unless you want to for more than one reason, but among those are the fact that someone will probably heckle it, and second, you will spend a fair amount of time organizing just communicating it and the bigger likelihood is that nobody will respond at all.

Talk about a technique or a guru, though, and the switchboard lights up.

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