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Re: I started on charlesworth....

Warren in Lancaster, PA
David, you ought to be ashamed. A few years ago you said on this forum that Charlie was being supported by his wife. No evidence, just meanness. Charlie wrote back that his poor wife had died of cancer the previous year.

We have had people post their work on this forum as an attempt to gain status, sometimes the same piece over and over. I had guys who in the middle of an argument, will post a picture of something they made as if to say to me "you couldn't make something like this." How are you supposed to respond to that? Are you supposed to say "Yes, that looks very amateurish." or "Do you not remember that I was the one who helped you out when you got stuck making that piece?"

Do you not remember, David, how some ungrateful people badgered you to show work? Your posts speak for themselves. We did not need pictures of your work to know you were offering valuable comments.

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