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Re: I started on charlesworth....

David Weaver
Charlie - that's sort of like asking if this is "the" segment where ron white tells the joke about having a lot of quit.

The method is David's recommendation any time anyone asks about planing (open forum, demonstration in video, etc).

I commend him for having such rigid adherence to technique, as one would expect from someone who has specialized in teaching for 43 years (I gather Robert Wearing must've been nearby or a mentor as purchasing a Wearing text tips you off that a lot of what David teaches is out of Wearing's library).

You could tell better than I can if that's what it looks like working in a paying shop. Not trying to get you to step into a trap, just making a statement that it looks like a way to plane when you either plane board that come off of a machine jointer (to true a joint) or you're just starting.

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