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you know I'm not much of a power tool user, but

David Weaver
...the spindle sander and trim router were missing from the lie nielsen series.

They're long ago obsoleted now in commercial guitar production - even the pin router is, but the plane is still useful - sometimes needing accommodation on electric guitars (binding the tops and bottoms and slab siding them if you're going to smooth plane them).

Richard, Bill and I had a conversation about that kind of stuff offline. A hobbyist can do those things, but paying shops will probably never see any of it. last I recall, the total non-buffing time for an american made stratocaster is about 5 1/2 hours and I think that includes stuff like moving things around in the factory and floor sweeping.

online is a bad place to get advice about guitars, though. on the telecaster forum, I was advised that planing mahogany and spruce would've be possible, that spruce would be too splintery to make a body (so....cut it close to the line and scrape and spindle sand it to final size in an extra half hour?...jeez). and that fitting a neck pocket without shims, jigs and a router wasn't possible (plane making tools make it *really* easy. )

(hand planed spruce https://i.imgur.com/kkKJuiw.jpg short of having some kind of industrial sanding setup, I just don't know a faster way to get the surface ready for finish than the 5 minutes or so that it takes to plane any handling damage out of the spruce and make a couple of finish passes. Even if you're going to round over the edge and sand everything to get uniformity with finish absorption. Change this around to an industrial setting with an oscillating triple drum sander or something like that, then it's way back in favor of the power tools).

Never looked to see if there are guitar gurus who sell their methods to make something that you'll lose money making, but there's probably a market for selling that stuff to beginners.

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