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Re: I started on charlesworth....

"His planing video more or less shows how to true wood that's already near true, and in small parts"

It is like his ruler trick, or Cosman's latest cornering of every element of workmanship of risk when doing dovetails: Clever, and it gives people who feel they need absolute certainty a reason to try out hand woodworking. But you can easily use the cambering tricks for rough wood also. I just imagine people who pay a fortune for a process video want to see it used in a situation where an axe does not seem like a ready alternative. Small parts are also relevant as they come up with things like guitars, as you know.

I remember the fights here when people worshiping at the alter of camber were adamant that there was only that one way to adjust angle on the edge of a board. Not much contrary opinion either. I trotted out something like 8 ways it could be done. Not that that put a stake through the vampire.

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