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pretty much sums it up..

David Weaver
..my first infill was a little test plane (it's heavy), the second was sort of a copy of the brese design (with parts that I bought from Ron B).

It's a sunday cruiser plane at this point. it's nice to use on an already flat board, but it's 5 1/2 pounds and needs sharpening far more often (halved durability) and its practical limit with working shavings is half or a third of a stanley....halved or thirded again.

So, the standard #4 is usable at just over half the weight and will do at least 4 times as much work between sharpenings with a similar iron.

I still can get more work done between sharpenings in cherry with a wooden try plane than I can with a metal jointer and XHP. The woody types in heavy work don't get stuck on wood when the shaving gets heavy (and puts downforce on the plane). Thick stuff out of them is just so much easier.

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