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David Weaver
..a friend who doesn't like hand tools much showed me the charlesworth videos back in about 2005 or 2006 (the sharpen a plane and then plane a board video).

They were a good starting point, but I can't remember what he said about the plane that he used back then (his "super smoother") and no longer have any of those videos. The plane was already done in the planing video, and maybe some magazine articles preceded it. I vaguely recall some comment about restoring a stanley instead of using an LN to show his students that less expensive planes could be made to work well, but I don't think David has worked with many planes that were older as his opinions seem to be formed on the stuff stanley was selling new in the 70s (his view is that stanley irons and hock's irons are drastically different in edge life - which is true vs. the rounded top irons, but not so much vs. a lot of the earlier irons).

His planing video more or less shows how to true wood that's already near true, and in small parts - I get the sense that what he teaches in furniture making classes (where most of the truing and preparation has been done by machines) makes it so that he can use that plane for all of his furniture work.

He and I don't agree at this point about what's an improvement and what's not in everything modern/boutique, and he's not a fan of my insistence, so I probably won't go to the UK forum and ask him for explanation of his plane and the reasons he's using it. :)

It reminds me a lot of the panel plane concept, though - his planing video and the way he uses is plane - much the way someone would use a single plane if the plane were just a final prep or joint truing tool, but never to see significant stock removal.

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