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The hate for 6s ()

Wiley Horne
Hi David and all,

One does wonder how much influence Patrick Leach’s whimsical memes have—against the 6 and even moreso against transitional planes. It gets to be a ‘thing’ through repetition, as happened here.

But hasn’t the original Stanley logic of smooth, jack, fore, try, and jointer been lost in the modern era? I really like my 605 ‘jack’ plane, but it is not a jack; it is straight-bladed, a short try plane. How many No. 5’s in modern hands have strongly cambered blades? Similarly, the foreplane—prominently described by Moxon—is in the wilderness, I suppose because of the prevalence of S2S and S4S lumber, and machine planing among those starting from rough lumber.

Maybe there are many colleagues here who have heavily cambered irons in their 5’s; my guess is that those among us who are actually using jack planes, are using woodies. Of course, I may be completely wrong :) .


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