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David Weaver
"I guess you do what you can with what you have" or "I see what you're saying , but hey...it works"

So - I use imgur to catalog pictures

People can see what you post. I usually get a request to "see the shop", assuming that the people requesting are amateur guitar builders and they want to see what I've got to scab a few ideas. Perhaps some jigs or something that will make accurate work a little bit easier without spending huge amounts.

The reaction is generally like stated above when I say "I try to use mostly hand tools and do minimal router and spindle sander work when hand isn't practical."

I want the guitars to look in pictures "like the real thing" and from a distance, but I don't mind if someone can tell close up that there's a lot of hand work in the parts (or that the finish is rubbed instead of sprayed, etc).

Part of the draw (as wiley asked) is figuring out a way to make these things well where you're zoned in on the project the whole time rather than just trying to push parts through setups and sand out errors and shim problem joints. And part of the draw doing things by hand like that is also to prepare for doing better, finer and more complicated work instead of getting stuck making 100 of the same thing with different colors and pickups because the machine setup matches something specific (though that's not a bad business plan if one is going to try to be the 1 in 100 who can curate a customer list and get paid to make guitars).

I'd bet I could sell a few of these per year and make a profit, but it wouldn't be worth the trouble - having a business in the house isn't something I want. The magic of the internet makes it possible to find a small niche market of people who want something that's been done by hand more than it needs to be, though.

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