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Thanks, Wiley...

David Weaver
..I do play guitar. Not as much as I used to, and building horns in on the time to play. But I've played since I was young and was in a cover band when I was younger (no inclination to build anything back then).

Not sure of the motivation to build guitars other than I kind of like to build things that can be used. Tools, pencils, guitars...

It's a lot like building tools. If you use tools a lot, you can build good tools (great ones) without them being geometrically perfect in certain aspects. Certain things on a guitar need to be really close to perfect (the fretwork and the nut work, stability of the wood in certain directions), and other things can yield to be fitted to the critical items.

I guess a lot of it also comes down to wanting to build things and not being that interested in furniture or building furniture.

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