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I think it's unusual...

David Weaver
Thanks, steve...for telecasters to be bound unless they're some kind of thinline or deluxe model that comes with it.

I like the binding on mahogany - it protects the top edge, and it's not hard to do.
The limba guitar is more typical telecaster except limba isn't typical in a telecaster and it's traditional (not elite shape or any number of the variants fender has come up with to add an upcharge from the standard) body shape but with a belly cut on the back.

I've heard a lot of people complain about the square edge on the older standard telecasters and les pauls, but comparing the guitars that I've made (especially in a world full of acoustics and hollow bodies), I just can't see a guitar less than 2" thick with a roundover on the back edge as being uncomfortable either way.

This is the first guitar I finished with either wood. Limba is light, and the guitar is mellow (but still good resonance). The khaya guitar is more crisp, but I haven't soldered a jack on it yet and I doubt any of that stuff will amount to a hill of beans once the sound comes through the pickups. The limba guitar has semi standard fender telecaster stuff in it with a slightly trick switch and it sounds ...like a telecaster.

Will make a few more fender copies, then on to carved top solid bodies and hopefully to flat tops and eventually arch tops. This type of guitar is very easy to make, even with mostly hand tools - a good place to iron out the details since I don't use much so far as aids other than something to mark the stock or mark where I'll cut fret slots.

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