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Steve Voigt
Dave, that looks like a decent vise.
Your story reminds me of a related rabbit hole I went down this summer. I stopped in at Homestead Antiques in Millersburg OH this summer. They have an enormous supply of old tools, though a lot of them are not in great shape. But it's worth a trip--great little town, and the owner of Homestead is very knowledgeable and fun to talk to.
I got to talking with him about vises, and he showed me several Wil-Burt Versa Vises he had. I think he was selling them for $120-150, which is about what a decent one will cost you on Ebay. The vise swivels and locks when you tighten it--it's pretty slick. But even better was the swivel base adapter he had, which gives you another axis.
I did some research when I got home and found that an Ohio company makes the vises according to Wil-Burts original prints, using a mix of domestic and imported parts, for considerably less than the vintage ones go for. They also sell the swivel base adapter.
I never shelled out for the item but this thread is making me think about it again…a few more months of hemming and hawing and I might be ready! :D


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