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Re: OT: a pleasant surprise in a metal vise

david weaver
I have seen the harbor freight vises they're showing in person, and for the price, I suppose they're not bad, but they are rough as a cob. The cast 55 anvil is practically famous - it's good as a surface as long as you don't use it as an anvil.

I generally buy old to avoid guessing which foreign stuff is junk with a brand on it and which is reasonably well made, but bigger vises are just way too popular for me to do that - I was surprised by how much they bring, but I guess it makes sense. it's the age of the white collar hands-on hobbyist and there's too many potential buyers for a bench vise. toolmaker wannabes, blacksmith wannabes, mechanic wannabes, etc. Many of the old ones are welded, too, from someone abusing them. The old ones have unmatched style, though.


(not that that one is typical).

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