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Re: The fine ones aren't too bad...

Warren in Lancaster, PA
I have seen a lot of different planes at hand tool events sharpened with 16000 Shapton stones. All produced less than stellar surfaces. Perhaps there was something not proper about the way the stones were used.

Years ago someone on this forum advocated a test for sharpness. Bill Tindall said his tools failed the test, but it likely did not matter because that level of sharpness would be gone in ten feet (other times he has mentioned four feet). He dared others to prove him wrong.

I tried this and using the test, it seemed that my iron was sharper at 48 feet than his was at zero feet. That if I planed a set of drawer fronts just prior to finishing the whole operation would be done with sharper iron than he could produce.

It is hard to measure the degree that skill plays into this stuff. Whether diamonds
or water stones or oil stones, a skillful worker will get more out of his stones.

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