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Edge chipping, again.

That's probably the finest shaving I've ever gotten. :)

Unfortunately, when I sharpened it again with 1000-5000-12000 waterstones to get rid of the small nick in the blade, I ended up with an edge that no longer left a glassy-smooth surface. There were some small tracks in the wood, and when I took a close look at the blade, I saw that there were tiny chips in it again. It's really confounding to sharpen a blade only to end up with a worse edge!

I spent probably 5 minutes on the 5000 stone, which, judging by the photos, is crucial for getting rid of chipping from the previous stone. And it looks like that wasn't long enough.

I'm not patient enough to have to spend that much time sharpening this blade, and it's not a fancy one (I spent less than $50 for the plane), so I decided to try tempering it in the oven.

I put it on a cast iron pan in the oven and it got up to 340 F, as measured by an IR thermometer, and I left it in there for about an hour. This is totally new to me so hopefully I'm doing it right. When I have time I'll sharpen the blade again and test it out. Other than the sharpening issue, I'm really enjoying using the plane, so I hope I'll be able to find a way to sharpen it efficiently.

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