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No Disadvantage...

david weaver
If you have a couple of reliable stones, then having enough to make up for shortcomings in chisels, razors, planes, etc, just leads to using a plane that's probably better set aside.

I see this on the razor forums all the time - spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to prevent edge failure on a razor that's expensive but marginal. It's better just to find a good razor. Good ones seem to get sharp off of everything and don't take much extra care.

Same with good plane irons, though we don't know yet whether or not the failure was just due to harsh diamond treatment (if it was, then it's not necessarily a bad iron).

I've done the heavy work on setting up a new iron with diamonds before and had them settle in pretty quickly. I never kept any of the chippy tools and used them any significant amount, so I don't have a story of redemption where a chippy blade became something great.

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