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For this particular blade, I have sometimes been able to get a clean edge, and when I have, it's lasted for a surprisingly long time without defects. This is subjective -- I don't have any numbers for it, but it seemed like I was getting a very smooth surface for about as long as the best of my other blades. The problem is that I can't seem to get that edge consistently.

This blade behaves so differently from all the other plane blades that I have (which include A2, O1, PM-V11, Tsunesaburo blue steel, and stock Stanley) and I just can't figure out how to make it happy. With the most recent sharpening of this blade, I probably didn't spend enough time on the finer stones, and the result was disastrous chipping, which you could see in the previous photo. When I sharpen other blades with this same progression (1000 diamond, 5000 Shapton, 12000 Shapton), even I don't spend enough time on the finer stones, the blade still cuts fine without big defects. I just don't get quite as nice a surface as I otherwise would.

Thanks for the advice about the bevel angle. Since I'm working and reworking this blade anyway, I might move the main bevel angle to be a couple of degrees shallower.

I'm thinking of tempering the blade in my oven. I've never done it before but it seems like I don't have much to lose at this point.

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