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david weaver
from what I've seen so far, the CBN will last several multiples of a pink steel, and reduce the necessity of light touch that you mention.

the surface across mine (not crowned) is also perfectly flat, and that allows literally just setting a chisel right on the wheel, and leaving it in situ with light pressure, planing a perfect little hollow without any movement. That's an exceptionally lazy thing, and since it's not moving, it *does* require light pressure that working off of the edges of the wheel does not.

It's better. It's not necessary, but it's superior.

However, it would seem that the absence of grit would make it OK to have it located close to a work area. The metal filings that come off of the grinder and settle in its locale are significant and would still ruin the day for anyone planing.

I wouldn't advise someone who has an already workable setup buy one. I could probably just still be dressing my brown 46 degree wheel with the $10 T dresser that i had. It worked GREAT as long as you didn't let it glaze or get quick with pressure. I bought the one-way balancing gadget for that al-ox wheel, too, so that ruined a lot of the economy. Such perfection in balance isn't really necessary for grinding. My ryobi grinder was out of concentricity and balance at the same time, leading most of the grinding to be done on part of the wheel. Rotate it, and that part would change. It probably made it generate less heat.

While the finer pink wheels are OK, people who have used one of the white wheels made to finish turning tools will recognize that those can generate huge amounts of heat at 100 grit or 80 grit. The cheapest coarse wheel I have, one without a proper center bearing is either 36 or 46 grit. It came with the ryobi grinder and if it's dressed for two seconds each use, it also works fine.

So this isn't a suggestion that someone should buy or change what they have, just like the iron test will not be a suggestion to go buy V11 if someone already likes what they have, or even green chinese (or the black version) irons. I'm just as enamored with those as V11 because of the price. My mother somehow imparted that on me. I don't need them, I have no economic need to use only things like that, but I'm fascinated with them at the price.

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