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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I don't want to miss an opportunity. What did I miss?

For $30 I added a wheel to a grinder I already owned that does what is needed . I have never burned an edge and none of the people I have taught to use it have burned an edge.

Bill, this is is what I wrote earlier:

"Heat and speed aside, an advantage of the CBN wheel is that it does not require any maintenance. The wheel does not change shape, does not need resurfacing, which means that set up does not alter".

Consider that you have set up the pink wheel to grind at 30 degrees (this is an option for many, myself for example) ...

The pink wheel will wear, require resurfacing, as well as and general maintenance. The 30 degree set up will change and need to be reset. Not a big deal, perhaps, but consider this ...

The CBN never needs any attention and the set up can remain permanently. For many years longer than a pink wheel.

Whether this interests you, or not important, it will be for others. For owners of a Tormek, such as Wiley, it is a huge advantage. For Dave (whom I turned onto this wheel - and knowing Dave, that is a big statement!) and I, the CBN on an 8" bench grinder was a game changer for sharpening.

Regards from Perth


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