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david weaver
...the difference between good A2 or 3V vs. V11 in planing long grain in medium hardwood.

You never really needed the V11, but from what we can see, it's clearly better.

I happily ground tools with a coarse wheel, then a pink wheel, but then bought CBN expecting it to be cheaper in the end over a lifetime, and basically static. I don't know yet if it will be cheaper, but if I went through a $30 wheel every 2 years, probably it will.

I also heeded the warning of grading wheels early on and found that even a coarse wheel graded fairly often was very easy to grind with. I haven't had water at my grinder in years - I can't imagine that it does anything good when grinding an iron if the temperature is anything more than just a little bit, and for years, I've cooled the iron by dragging it across my palm. If the iron is too hot to be dragged across my palm to cool it, then I've done something wrong.

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