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I forgot to say...there's much value..

david weaver
..in what you said. We don't have to measure everything and overanalyze. This study wasn't really something I wanted to do, but I figured that I'd like to know more about the process than others might disclose, and I wanted to control variables.

In the process, I've bought a stick of CarTech XHP to make a few bits and bobs that I'll never really need. Curiosity can lead me to waste time.

The value in what you've said is something that I should put in print in my final write-up. If you are not measuring what you're doing, but you're getting the results you want, measuring is more likely to waste your time and send you down paths you don't need to go down than it is to improve anything.

I don't set the rest on my grinder any longer, either, and haven't for quite a while. There's no need to - it's set at 90 degrees and I can then grind to whatever seems appropriate rather than worrying about adjusting it for this or that tool that's thicker or thinner than the last.

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