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Re: Rikon Grinder sale (Re: Incremental step)

david weaver
Looking at alibaba, the cost of chinese goods has gone up. I don't see any 8" grinders with white wheels, but the gray grinders with 300-350W motors and slow speed are about $25-$35 delivered for an order of 50.

10 years ago, they were about $10. Shipping costs from china on anything other than first class mail size makes ordering prohibitive, of course, and Rikon, et al, would have distribution costs, service costs and a desire to make some money, let alone the high cost setups like B&M woodcraft stores.

I'd be surprised if the more expensive of the two grinders actually cost woodcraft $50, though.

Personally, I wish more of the value of products was the actual cost of item plus transportation and less in advertising, coupons, subsidizing other peoples' returns (i rarely return anything), etc, but that's the way it is now.

If people were trustworthy enough to do a group buy now, you could get 20 or 50 of those grinders and fetch them and ship, but my experience with "Group buys" is that people who say they're interested in something have little chance of showing up, even if they commit to it, between the time they commit and the time something is deliverable.

there was a relatively well known post that john economaki made to his blog years ago when the 8" white wheel variable speed grinders became popular and were going for $100-$150, depending on the retailer and the sticker on the front. I think John gave a figure of about $7.50 per grinder delivered to port in the united states (presumably, it would've been his responsibility from there).

The white wheels at the time in the US were $20-$40 each, depending on generic or norton. The retailers must've loved those grinders - no wonder they pushed them so hard. As simple as grinders are, if they don't have trouble with the speed control components, most are probably still working. At 2.8 or 3 amps, they're anemic, but it's still plenty for sharpening and grinding things.

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