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david weaver
.. for about a year or maybe two years, I used an aluminum rest ryobi 6" grinder that I bought at home depot. The rests are the same type still seen on a lot of grinders where there's a diagonal groove on the left side - they're two pieces, but they had detents to help them lock down securely and the detents were like a tractor with too few gears - you can have any angle you want that's 2 degrees or so different from what you're actually looking for.

BUT, after clamping it down tight (it wandered quickly when powered up if not locked down), and using one of those $12 T-bar dressers on the really cheap wheels that came on it.....it worked fine.

There's much virtue in not throwing out the whole thing if you like the tormek, and as you say, less chance of grinding over the edge and less penalty if you do.

(the black wheel on the tormek drove me nuts. It and the grading stone graded each other, it loaded, and it would cut well after a diamond truing tool refresh, but then go back to some level of mediocrity. I tried all of the wheels after finding them on clearance and still preferred the original, though 3V probably still favors the black wheel, despite the grading issues. The ability to triple the speed would be nice with CBN, but wouldn't work very well with water on the regular wheels!).

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