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Wiley Horne

I really liked the LV 8” halfspeed 1 HP, Rikon, with the steel CBN wheels they advertise. And I like and trust LV! Then add the Tormek MBN-100 tool rest that Derek showed. So the grinder, 2 wheels, and nice tool-rest, tax and shipping—I figure about $600 and using half again more footprint than Tormek. And I would be nervous about grinding to a primary burr as I do on Tormek—Tormek is relaxing. And I like the shallow hollow on Tormek, as Phil mentioned.

Tormek is slow. But. At 77, I’m sorta enjoying doing hobby things slow and relaxing. Other parts of life aren’t so relaxing. The CBN will be a step up over the black Si carbide wheel because (1) it’s dry, (2) it’s faster, (3) it doesn’t require me to dress it a lot to keep it cutting.

All of the help which is so freely given here is especially helpful because each and every suggestion has real merit, and therefore one is forced to think through and prioritize what you really want to change and what you want to keep.

Thanks to all!


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