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I used soft pink wheels for a while...

david weaver
..they're good. The CBN is better by a factor of two, though.

I would've continued to use the pink wheels if I had a 7" grinder and could find them cheaply. I found some camel 6" wheels at one point for $12 each, but they lose diameter quickly and I was looking at the prospect within a year of buying another one at $44 and got the CBN wheel for $125.

I think the CBN wheel will probably last as long as 10 pink wheels, maybe more. It's even less heat, it doesn't change shape at all, and there's no dust.

I'm slow to take up new modern abrasive gimmicks (But pretty easy to separate from my money with natural stones, I'll admit), but this is one that people should probably adopt.

If you can make bushings accurately, you can find them as cheap as $55 shipped from china on ebay, or you can buy accurately made sized "econo" wheels form people like Vince at WTW for about $99.

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