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Incremental step

Wiley Horne
Thanks to all! The knowledge here, and willingness to share it, is just overwhelming. I learned from everyone, and each solution had some advantages.

The solution that I was thinking most about—as shown by Derek—was more money, and more space-consuming, than I wanted to spend right now for a second set-up. And especially for an all-new set-up to get used to.

So I ordered from Woodturners Wonders a 10” x 2” CBN wheel (200g) for the 12mm Tormek arbor, and will put that on my Tormek. I want to use the CBN wheel, even at less than optimum speed, to get used to it. It’ll be nice to get to a dry wheel anyway, and one that doesn’t have to be skinned a lot like the Si carbide black wheel I’m using now. So it'll be a ‘no regrets’ buy, whatever comes next.

Again, thanks to all,


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