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Re: Recommendations for grinder/wheel

david weaver
Any reasonable quality 8" grinder with a two piece rest.

CBN wheel, anything from 80-220 grit is perfect. You'll much appreciate the speed gain over the tormek and the lack of ever having to do anything to the wheel.

Something like 60% of the grinding heat is absorbed by the wheel, which doesn't glaze, and the overall effect is that grinding feels like about a quarter of the heat of a dressed al-ox wheel (the latter works well except it starts to glaze mid grind on difficult steel like 3V).

I got my wheel from woodturner's wonders several years ago for about $125. I think $150 is probably typical (mine was a sale item at the time). I use 80 grit and like it. It will break in some, but then continue cutting once it does.

Lots of intermediate quality 8" grinders for $150-$250 (dayton, palmgren). Anything made in taiwan instead of china is probably a good step toward the quality of a baldor grinder. I'd stay away from variable speed control grinders and buy single speed. The jet slow wheel grinders with variable speed probably would've lasted a lot better if they didn't put the goofy speed control in them to try to one-up tormek.

One other benefit to CBN - you get dust off of the wheel, metal only. There's no abrasive dust flying around. I don't do anything to capture mine, but instead house it in a corner near my drill press. All of the black settles there, and I've never had any issue with it moving it self the 6 feet or so to the end of my bench.

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