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Re: Wear Mechanisms of edges - corrosion
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Wear Mechanisms of edges ()

The other factor is time, in the light of time I think corrosion might possibly be more of an issue for weekend warriors like myself. Tentative hypothesis would be something along the lines of:

  1. sharpen your tool
  2. do [small project] which isn't enough to warrant resharpening
  3. let sit for [time of duration of life events say O(2-4 weeks)]
  4. corrosion sets in
  5. subsequent usage is less than stellar.
  6. possible repeat the previous 4 steps

      I'm thankfully in a super dry climate so background corrosion is relatively low so it hasn't been a huge problem for me, but I also try to clean/wax when done for the day (usually...) so that likely helps.

      This would be more than slightly more tedious to test than the current ongoing set :)

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